Math Activities for March 30 - April 3

Activities for March 30 - April 3

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Each of this week's activities come from iReady At Home.  To go there type: 

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Print them off, if you can; but you can work with pencil and paper right from the screen. 

Mon. 3/30
p.5    NC.5.NBT.1     Understanding Powers of 10
          [I can multiply and divide using base 10 exponents]
p.6    NC.5.NBT.3     Reading a decimal number in Word Form
          [I can read and write decimals in word form]

Tues. 3/31
p.7     NC.5.NBT.5    Writing decimals in Standard Form
           [I can write decimals in standard form from Word & Expanded Forms]
p.8     NC.5.NBT.5     Comparing Decimals
           [I can compare decimals to thousandths]
p.9     NC.5.NBT.7     Rounding Decimals
           [I can round decimals in tenths, hundredths, and Whole #s

Wed. 4/1
p.14    NC.5.NBT.7    Adding Decimals
            [I can add decimal numbers to thousandths]
p.15    NC.5.NBT.7    Subtracting Decimals
            [I can subtract decimal numbers to hundredths]

Thurs. 4/2
p.18     NC.5.NBT.7    Multiplying with Decimals
             [I can multiply a decimal number by a whole number]
p.19     NC.5.NBT.7    Multiplying a decimal number by a decimal number
             [I can multiply with decimal numbers less than 1]

Fri. 4/3
p.20     NC.5.NBT.7    Multiplying with decimals
             [I can multiply with decimals greater than 1]
p.21     NC.5.NBT.7    Dividing with decimals
             [I can divide a decimal by a Whole Number]

* You should be at 80%-90% correct with these problems, since we have already         covered these standards.