3rd Grade

Longview Third Grade Supply List 2020-2021 for in person instruction

One inch binder --**No Zippered Binders

Headphones or Ear Buds**must have, there will be NO sharing or class headphones, place in a baggie with labeled student name

Mechanical pencils and extra erasers **we will NOT sharpen pencils during the day to limit sharing germs

2 two pocket folders with holes to place in the binder

1 Sturdy/extra thick folder for use as a take home folder

3 separate one subject notebooks-**NO multi subject notebooks

2 Packages of Expo dry erase markers-large size, 4 markers in each pack to last all year

Large pink eraser

Colored Pencils

Package of Glue Sticks

Zippered pencil pouch--**NO PENCIL BOXES


Pair of scissors

Please open, sort, and label all of the items you can for your child.
Place pencils and anything that will fit in their pencil pouch. Larger items can be stored in their own classroom cubby.

We are trying to limit touching things due to Covid-19 and your child will need to keep up with their own materials.