For Parents


For the safety of our students, all visitors entering our school will be required to have ID and walk through our Open Gate Weapons Detection System before entering the front office.

Parents who would like to visit their child for lunch, must schedule to do so ahead of time!  Please reach out to your child's teacher to arrange a date and time for lunch and arrangements will be made in the front office for a lunch location.

Dismissal Information:
If you need to pick your child up from school early, please make sure you do so BEFORE 3:00pm.  In the case of an emergency, any dismissal after that will have to be approved by school administration.

If you need to change your child's dismissal procedure, please notify the teacher in writing.  This can include a message to the teacher on Class DoJo.

Title I:

Parent Handbook

Parent Engagement Plan

School Improvement Plan

Online School Payments:

OSP   We are able to accept credit and debit card payments for a wide range of school fees via the Hickory Public Schools Online School Payments system.

Hickory Public Schools OSP 

Longview School Pledge:

I pledge today to do my best,
in reading, math, and all the rest.
I promise to follow the rules,
in my class, the bus, and the school.
I pledge to show my lion pride,
I will succeed with every stride!
Respectful, safe, responsible, kind,
Excellence is always on my mind!

Excellence Every Day, the Longview Way!  Have Lion Pride!  ROAR!!


Longview School Expectations:

1.  Be respectful.

2.  Be safe.

3.  Be responsible.

4.  Be kind.

Longview PTA:


Join us!

If you are interested in joining the PTA and actively support the students and teachers of Longview Elementary School, please call the school office at (828) 485-0975 and leave a message for the PTA. We are always looking for volunteers. Financially, the PTA supports the teachers' requests for educational materials for the children at all grade levels, the Weekly Readers, field trips, the student's planning books, physical education equipment, new playground equipment, and other contributions to enhance the educational process for the children of Longview Elementary School. We work closely with the teachers and the administrative staff including Principal Andrea Johnson. We also have FUN!